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I would say the VERY first thing that comes to my mind when describing Curtis is ENERGY and zest for life. Curtis's communication skills are excellent which makes him very well suited for motivating and stimulating people.

Certified Financial Planner / Broker

Centerville, OH


One of Curtis's unique abilities is presentation and networking. I think he does an excellent job of presenting himself and our former employer. Curtis entered as an unknown in the Pittsburgh Market and very quickly networked groups and referral sources. I’m guessing the ability to present is directly related to strong listening and speaking skills.

Sr. Vice President

Commercial Banker, Pittsburgh, PA


Curtis's top qualities are his communications skills and engaging smile.


Local University, Dayton, OH


1. Curtis has a disarming appearance, helps to relax people he is meeting/greeting, even before he opens his mouth.

2. Curtis has a superb knowledge and background of strong success in commercial lending (knowing how people make money, and knowing how to tell if they’re not).

3. Thanks largely to #1 above, he is able to network like a fish in water.

4. His combination of quick wit and subdued charm make for great conversation, openness and sharing.

5. Curtis has little fear of change, he embraces it, and sees it as opportunity.

Energy Industry Consultant


Curtis's unique abilities are uncommon in today's business world. He possesses the ability to be compassionate, thoughtful, practical, intelligent, humorous, accountable, credible, and personable in a demanding and competitive banking environment. It's not that he possesses any one of these qualities that's unique, but that he combines them in a very workable fashion. His ability to speak to large groups with ease is a true skill. Another ability he possesses is his ease with people from different backgrounds. Curtis embraces diversity in a very positive and non confrontational way. He has the unique ability to be a leader who understands himself and does not try to be something he is not.

Executive Vice President

Consumer and Business Banking

Washington, D.C.


Top qualities of the list for me would be:

  • Ability to analyze and present ideas
  • Master networker/excellent people skills
  • Able to quickly adapt to new environments/processes

To me Curtis are a natural born politician (in the good sense.......)

Sr. Vice President

Commercial Banker, Pittsburgh, PA


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