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For the past 20 years Dr. Gregory has maintained a highly successful career within the banking industry. A journey that has provided experience with four Top 25 domestic banks in three distinctly different markets. This background, within the banking industry, includes small business banking, retail banking, institutional trust, commercial banking, and business banking.

Active in the community, Dr. Gregory is a recent graduate of Leadership Philadelphia and a past graduate of Leadership Pittsburgh. He was named one of “Pittsburgh’s 50 Finest” by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in 2004 and has served as president of the Urban Bankers of Greater Dayton and as a board member for the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company.

Public Speaking quickly became a hobby and topic of interest to me as I learned that most of our great leaders have also been great speakers. It became an annual ritual for my father and I to watch the Democratic and Republican conventions so that we could learn from some of the best orators in the country.

Currently Dr. Gregory serves on the Board of Leadership Philadelphia, The American Diabetes Association, and The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce Small Business Advisory Board.

My Story.

I grew up in the midst of the Civil Rights Era and was blessed with a father who was very active in the movement. There were many nights that I attended various rallies with my Mother and watched intently as my father exercised his oratorical skills to either calm down an unruly crowd or inspire apathetic people to act. Furthermore, my father and I would watch the political conventions to hear extraordinary orations. I soon realized that most of our great leaders are also great speakers.

What started off as simply a young man emulating his father grew into a personal gift for which I have been recognized on numerous occasions. Public Speaking has become more than just a topic of interest to me. It is now my hobby and avocation.

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