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I have over 20 years of senior leadership positions in industries that consult and support a wide variety of industries like banking and government. Experiences as well as my PhD allow me to offer advanced levels of knowledge around leadership development and organizational change.

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One of Curtis's unique abilities is presentation and networking. I think he does an excellent job of presenting himself and our former employer. Curtis entered as an unknown in the Pittsburgh Market and very quickly networked groups and referral sources. I’m guessing the ability to present is directly related to strong listening and speaking skills.

Sr. Vice President

Commercial Banker, Pittsburgh, PA


I would say the VERY first thing that comes to my mind when describing Curtis is ENERGY and zest for life. Curtis's communication skills are excellent which makes him very well suited for motivating and stimulating people.

Certified Financial Planner / Broker

Centerville, OH


Curtis's top qualities are his communications skills and engaging smile.


Local University, Dayton, OH


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(215) 204 4127